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  • How much does it cost to warm up in Israel? JERUSALEM IMMOBILIER
    Ajouté le 29/11/2017 à 6h30

    It's cold in Jerusalem! 9 degrees this morning, and they do not announce more than 15 degrees at 12, so we must warm up!
    But you know how much it costs to warm up in Israel? Do you know that gas heating costs 6 times more than heating with reversible air conditioning here? or that small oil radiators cost 3 times more than this same reversible air conditioner?
    I am not a salesman of air conditioners, but I am the manager of a real estate agency in Jerusalem. And in France (where I worked for years as an environmental engineer) every owner has the obligation to perform an energy balance before selling an apartment, so that the buyer knows exactly what to expect when he buys a property . Here we are not yet there, and yet here too we must get warm in the winter, because even if the winter lasts less, the apartments are less isolated and the heating system often does not exist. Here is a comparative table of the costs, and even without reading Hebrew you will understand immediately that according to the heating mode for which you opt, your heating bill will be very variable at the end of the year.
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