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Our Team

  • Freddy Lemberger


    Married, father of 6 wonderful children and grandfather filled! Born in Antwerpen (Belgium), Freddy made his alyah in 1978 at the age of 15 after studying at the Orthodox Jewish school, to study in Netanya at the yeshiva high school Bne Akiva until the baccalaureat. Then Freddy studied at Yeshiva tsionit Kerem BeYavne before embarking on computer studies at the Mahon Lev in Jerusalem, geting his license, marrying and finally joining the army for military service.Freddy then went into professional studies in the diamond sector in Ramat Gan and worked in the family business in the diamond exchange for 15 years. He then practices in the field of high tech before integrating in 99 the real estate world in Jerusalem to never leave it. Absolute discretion, Jewish ethics, total reliability and honesty are the qualities you will appreciate day by day in this agent today with a great experience in real estate and now at your service.

  • Lea Amram


    Lea Amram Married, mother of 3 beautiful children all living in Israel.Born on June 4th in Marseille, Léa spent her entire youth in the mythical city of the "Vieux Port" before leaving to study communication in Paris 11, where she obtained her license brilliantly. Lea worked then for many years in marketing. In 2000 Lea made alyah to settle in Raanana. After a few years in real estate in Tel Aviv and Netanya, Lea immediately integrates our agency when arriving in Jerusalem. Always smiling, Lea has kept her singing accent of Marseille, she embodies good humor which will help you realize your project in a pleasant atmosphere. Professionalism, smiling and experience at your service.

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  • Deborah Hosatte


    Deborah Hosatte Divorced, mom of 2 beautiful young children. Born on January 15th in Lyon, Déborah spent her youth and studied in the French gastronomy capital until her PhD in Pharmacy in 1986. Deborah then held her pharmacy for more than 15 years in Valencia . Diplomed in Mycology, phytotherapy and NLP . President of the Syndicate of Pharmacists and then of the Union of Liberal Professions of the Drome, she then started environmental studies and became an Engineer in Environment and Public Health in 1993. She was elected Deputy Mayor of Valence in 1995 and will hold office until 2004, creating, among other things, the ASQUADRA network of air quality measurements and setting up the SYTRAD waste sorting system. In 2002, Deborah made Aliyah to settle directly in Jerusalem. After 2 years of alyah boeing and strong training with several years of practice in the art of negotiation, she embarks on real estate in Jerusalem, decided to avoid her clients the problems she faces when buying her first property in Israel. She creates the Agence Jerusalem Immobilier in 2008 and surrounded herself with the best collaborators, all serious and trustworthy. A mixture of Zionism, French culture, trust in God, dynamism and chessed for an effective realization of your real estate projects in serenity. Always available for personalized advice, she will accompany you efficiently and durably to transform your real estate acquisition dream into a concrete project.

  • Rivka Brami


    Born on Tamouz 18th, Rivka spent all his youth in Paris. After brilliant accounting studies, Rivka evidently worked more than 10 years in the same company. Rivka made Aliyah in 2002 to settle directly in Jerusalem where she worked as a commercial before entering the real estate field. Methodical, smiling, stable and devoted, Rivka is an example of honesty and righteousness and everything interest her (music, art, ...). She will be a reliable and precious advice to guide you in all your transactions. Just call her right now : 0543139466

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